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Dog Walker | Mary's Buddies

About Us

The checklist for all things dog-related is now checked in the 'yes' box!

I've always had my own pack of dogs, usually two or three at a time. One day I saw an ad for volunteers needed at a local rescue group. I joined their team as a 'stash house' – a temporary respite between leaving the vet clinics and their forever homes. Then 12 years ago, I was fortunate enough to join a dog-walking company and made this my full-time profession from that day until now. The most logical next step was to create Mary's Buddies. It's proof
to me that you really can work at what you love most!


There's quite a variety of personalities and specific needs that you find with dogs. High-energy dogs are especially grateful for a break in the day when they can enjoy a long walk and active playtime. With senior dogs, maybe their needs are simply bathroom breaks, moderate exercise, and companionship. Puppies require an experienced person to keep their training routine consistent and on track. During the past 12 years, I think it's safe to say there's simply not much in the way of surprises now!With any dog I've ever met, there is the need for a loving person to make their day a happy one, and at the same time giving their owner the peace of mind knowing all is well with their cherished pets.

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